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The TECOMAT TC800 programmable controllers represent a new generation of control systems (replacing the previous TECOMAT TC700 series). It is a modular system with the possibility of construction according to user needs. The TECOMAT TC800 central units are similar in their characteristics to the central units of the TECOMAT FOXTROT 2 compact controllers.

More detailed information on buses, possible expansion (TCL2, CIB, etc.) is given in the article CENTRAL MODULES TC800.

Basic overview of TC800 modules

Central module CP-8001

Power supply modules PW-8901 and PW-8902

Binary input module IB-8302

Binary input module IB-8310

Binary output module OS-8401

Binary output module OS-8402

Binary output module OS-8410

Binary output module OR-8450

TC800 system bus


The individual modules of the system are enclosed in plastic protective housings, which are mounted on a DIN rail ČSN EN 50022 with a fitted TCL3 system bus. This allows them to be handled without the risk of damaging sensitive CMOS components. The whole system is designed according to the ČSN EN 61131 standard.

The basis of the system

The basis of the TC800 system is a central module containing a central unit and a communication interface.

Communication interface

The central modules of the TECOMAT TC800 series are equipped with two independent 10/100 Mb Ethernet interfaces. Optionally, they can contain a WLAN interface for WiFi communication.
(Further expansion of independent 10/100 Mb Ethernet and LTE interfaces for communication via the GSM network is in preparation.)

For serial communications, up to 2 submodules can be optionally installed in the central module, each containing 1 or 2 serial channels with RS-232 or RS-485 interface and more. So the central module can be equipped with a maximum of four serial channels. Additional serial channels up to a total of 10 can be added using external SC-11xx modules on the emulated TCL2 bus (max. 6 on one line). RS-232/RS-485 interface, CAN interface or wireless network are available here. (Native SC-81xx modules are in preparation.)

Construction of an extensive system

The TC800 central module is connected to the peripheral modules via a system bus embedded in a 35 mm DIN rail, which is called the RM-89xx frame.
The resulting group can be extended, if necessary, using metal cables or optical multimodal cables, which are connected between the PW power supply modules, located on other separate frames RM (Fig.1.3). Thanks to this, the individual parts of the TECOMAT TC800 system can be distributed decentrally up to hundreds of meters. Optics are generally recommended for outdoor applications between multiple buildings to prevent overvoltages between objects during a lightning strike. Groups of peripheral modules are located directly at the controlled technologies and thus save power cabling.
Dale peripherals can also be connected via serial bus interfaces: ETH, RS-232, RS-485, CAN.
Another option is to use older peripheral modules from the Foxtrot system to the TC800, this is made possible by the installation of the SE-0140 submodule (TXN 101 40) in the central TC800 module. This submodule mediates TCL2 bus emulation and thus the connection of these peripherals. 

Connection to the master system

The whole system can communicate with superior systems (PCs, operator panels, etc.), which can be used both for monitoring and controlling the controlled process. The TecoRoute service is used for remote management of Tecomat PLCs via the Internet. The service is provided by Teco for Tecomat systems. The personal computer is also used to create and debug a user program for the PLC (Mosaic software). Languages used according to standard ČSN EN 61131-3 (IL, ST, LD, FBD, SFC) and CFC.


The PLC assembly consists of individual modules housed in separate plastic housings, which are mounted on a DIN rail in which the system bus is inserted. The width of the individual housings is 12 mm or 24 mm depending on the module type.
The TECOMAT TC800 PLC is composed of the following components (Fig.1):

Fig.1      TECOMAT TC800 PLC assembly

                   1 - DIN rail 35 mm

                   2 - RM- system bus

                   3 - power supply module PW-

                   4 - central module CP-

                   5 - peripheral modules IB-, OS-, OR-, IT-, OT-, IC-,… ..

                   6 - connecting cables between groups

                   7 - covers for unoccupied bus positions


Addressing of modules

TC800 peripheral modules are addressed using a switch that is accessible on the side of the module, see Fig. 2. Each peripheral module must have a unique address within one PLC assembly.

Fig.2. Location of the address switch on the side of the module