Lighting, socket circuits 19.02.2020 17:45 19.02.2020 17:45

For controlling the electronic ballasts of fluorescent lights controllable by analog voltage 0 ÷ 10 V or 1 ÷ 10 V e.g. the C-IR-0202S module can be used, which is equipped with a relay output for switching off the ballast power supply (i.e. complete switching off and cutting off permanent consumption) and an analogue output for brightness control itself. This can be fitted directly in the light or in the flush box. Other modules with analogue outputs can also be used for control (e.g. the C-HM modules, which are also fitted with relay outputs for disconnecting power supply in a DIN rail version).

Fig. 1. A wiring example – dimming fluorescent lights ballasts 1÷10 V by the C-IR-0202S module



  1. It should always be verified whether the ballast doesn´t draw more power than 5 A when the power supply is switched on (maximum current in the module relay contact); if it does, another module must be used, e.g. the C-IR-0203 S (fitted with a relay with an 80 A inrush current).