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These relays are fitted in e.g. the C-OR-0008M, C-OR-0202B, R-OR-0001B peripheral modules, and others (see the information on the individual modules). The NO contact is designed as increased (inrush current 80 A), the NC contact is standard, max. only 16 A.


Tab. 1. The parameters of the actual relay contact (each specific module can have different values!):

Nominal current

16 A at 230 VAC or 24 VDC

Maximum transmitted current (cosφ = 1)

20 A

Maximum switching inrush current (only the NO contact!) 1)

80 A, maximum 20 ms

Maximum current for cosφ = 0.4

3.5 A

Maximum switching power

Resistance load, incandescent bulbs, halogenous 230 V bulbs

3,680 W

Fluorescent lamps with an electronic ballast

1,000 VA

Fluorescent lamps with a maximum 64 µF compensation

500 VA

Mechanical lifetime

Minimum 20,000,000 operations

Electrical lifetime (at 16 A, 230 VAC)

Minimum 100,000 operations

Electrical lifetime (80 A switching current)

Minimum 10,000 operations

Electrical lifetime (the "lamp test“ TV-5 according to UL 917)

Minimum 25,000 operations

Switching time

Maximum 15 ms

Opening duration

Maximum 5 ms

Minimum recommended switching voltage, current

5 VDC, 100 mA

Material of the contact


1) Only the NO contact (with 80 A) is increased, while the NC contact has only 16 A (even inrush current).


The contact loading characteristics: