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The basic variant of the Foxtrot system for these applications is a new module CP-1091, which is equipped with up to 9 outputs for direct continuous control of electric heating, as well as 3 outputs for switching loads, it is possible to connect up to 6 outputs S0 from electricity meters, pulses from water meters and gas meters and other similar signals. The module can directly measure up to 6 temperatures from connected sensors. 

It is equipped with a CIB bus, which is used to connect a fast electricity meter C-EM-0401M and other modules - such as solar radiation sensors C-IT-0200I-SI etc. There is also TCL2 bus master for further expansion. At the same time, the module is equipped with an RS-485 for connecting eg a PV inverter and can be equipped with up to 3 additional serial channels - eg for controlling a heat pump or air conditioning.


To control the consumption of a mains PV plant in a number of installations, we will use, see the following figure, the basic module CP-1091 (1) with a connected fast electricity meter (2) directly controlling power semiconductor relays switching electric water heating. For efficient control, we also use direct communication with the PV inverter (3) and, if a heat pump or air conditioning is available, direct communication with it (4). The CP-1091 module can also switch various appliances, irrigation system pumps, etc. with other outputs, it can measure and monitor other media in the installation (water meters), etc. This set allows us to implement a number of mains PV installations for smaller applications - family houses, smaller companies, but also larger network installations with several 3-phase heaters and 3-phase PV.

By adding eg aC-EV-0302M module an assembly is created which, in addition, can efficiently and effectively charge one or more electric cars. In this way, a number of other modules and related controlled, controlled and monitored technologies can be added.


Basic diagram of the Foxtrot system for controlling the power generation of a grid PV plant.



Fig. 1 Basic example of connection of CP-1091 module and external SSR relay


  1. Identical connection of outputs (SSR relay) applies to DO0 to DO8 (in the example it is indicated for clarity only for DO0 and DO4).