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The CIB is a bus developed by Teco a. s., which also owns the rights to the trademark "CIB Common Installation Bus". The CIB is intended primarily for highly durable and flexible connection of peripheral modules to the Foxtrot basic module, mostly in the area of the so-called “smart homes” and MaR. It represents a good solution of a two-wire bus with free topology and a variety of useful programme functions - e.g. the reload of modules firmware over the bus (it can also be executed remotely, if the system is connected to the Internet), etc.

The CIB bus makes it possible to connect to the Foxtrot system bus peripheral modules manufactured under the brand CFox (the CFox bus peripheral modules are designed primarily for the building automation, for controlling utilities and distribution of heat and ventilation, but they can also be used as standard peripheral units of the Foxtrot system, provided their characteristics are taken into consideration).

One branch (CIB bounded by one master) allows a maximum of 32 peripheral modules to be connected.

The basic modules CP-10x4, 10x5-CP, CP-10x6 and 10x8-CP are fitted with one master CIB; additional modules can be connected via external CIB master modules CF-1141 (maximum 4 master modules CF-1141 to one basic module).

Each external master module CF-1141 permits two branches of CIB (2 x 32 units) to be connected.

The modules CF-1141 are connected to the basic module by a TCL2 bus (see Chapter 3.3).

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