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The CP-1091 is the basic module of the Foxtrot control system. The standard version is in a 9M housing on a DIN rail (for the housing dimensions, see Chapter 13.2.1 9M housing on a DIN rail), and it is fitted with six removable terminal blocks.


The I/O layout:

Power supply 24 VDC, power consumption max. 8 W (information on power supply see Chapter 2.2)

AI0 ÷ AI5 6 analogue inputs, without galvanic isolation with an optional function of binary input:

  • ranges: Ni1000, Pt1000, OV1000, KTY81-121, binary input (potential free contact)

DI6 ÷ DI11 6 binary inputs, without galvanic isolation: a standard binary 24 VDC input, counter input (e.g. connecting the S0 signals)

DI12 (HDO) binary input 230 VAC, galvanically isolated (e.g. ripple control)

AO0 ÷ AO1 2 analogue outputs, without galvanic isolation, range 0 ÷10 V

DO0 ÷ DO8 9 semiconductor output switches with 24 VDC, 0.5 A, optional PWM function and functions for controlling power SSR relays (electrical heating control)

DO9 ÷ DO11 3 relay 16 A continuous current, 80 A inrush current, each output is individually terminated

ETH Ethernet 10/100 Mbit (a standard RJ-45 connector), with galvanic isolation from other circuits, see Chapter 2.4.1

CH1 Serial channel, with fixed RS-485, without galvanic isolation, see Chap. 2.3.1

CH2 Serial channel, with a possibility of fitting with standard submodules, see Chapter 2.3.3


Binary inputs

DI0 ÷ DI5

DI6 ÷ DI11


Input voltage for log. 0

(open contact)

min. +2.3 VDC

max. +12 VDC

max. 10 V

max. 120 VAC

Input voltage for log. 1

(switched contact)

max. +1 VDC

min. 12 V

min. 200 VAC

max. 250 VAC

Input current in log. 1

typically 1.7 mA

typically 5 mA

typically 5 mA

The minimum width of the captured pulse

20 ms

2 ms




The analogue inputs

AI0 ÷ AI5

Temperature sensor Pt1000, W100=1.385 or 1.391

-90 °C ÷ +270 °C

Temperature sensor Ni1000, W100=1.500 or 1.617

-60 °C ÷ +155 °C

Temperature sensor KTY81-121

-55°C ÷ +125 °C

Temperature sensor NTC 12k

-40 °C ÷ +125 °C

Resistance ranges

0 ÷ 2 kΩ

0 ÷ 200 kΩ

Internal voltage for power supply of resistance sensors

8.34 V

Conversion time of channel

typically 50 μs

Recovery time of each channel value

typically 650 μs


Analogue outputs AO0 ÷ AO1

Output range

0 ÷ 10 V

Maximum output value

105 % of the output range upper limit

Maximum output current

10 mA

Maximum load capacity

50 nF

Fig. 1 A basic example of wiring the CP-1091 module and external SSR relays



  1. Identical wiring of the outputs (SSR relays) applies to DO0 up to DO8 (in the example it is only indicated in DO0 and DO4 for the sake of clarity).