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In order to control the lighting, blinds, ventilation and similar applications, you can use the controller C-WS-0200R-Obzor with one fingerboard (2 buttons - one at the top and one below), or the C-WS-0400R-Obzor with two fingerboards (4 buttons - each fingerboard has a button at the top and below). The controllers are fitted with fingerboards and frames according to the specific design – Decente, Elegant or Variant. Both types of controllers are equipped with an internal temperature sensor, and up to two external temperature sensors can be connected to them (a temperature sensor in the room - e.g. the Pt1000 sensor itself in the adjacent frame in the S-TS-01R selected design, and another sensor, e.g. the floor temperature).

The module is fitted with LED indicators. For each flap there is available a red and green LED; their control can be custom-made to suit the customers´ requirements.


Fig. 1. An example of connecting the controllers C-WS-0200R-Obzor and the C-WS-0400R-Obzor



  1. The temperature sensors may be the Pt1000, NI1000, NTC 12k or other NTC with the resistance of up to 100 k, the length of the connection cable can reach dozens of meters - a typical application is for a floor sensor; the recommended cables include e.g. the SYKFY or similar, with at least 1x2 0.5 mm wires.

  2. The module is designed as a standard installation element to be mounted on the flush box (KU68).

  3. The CIB bus and both universal inputs DI/AI1 and DI/AI2 are terminated on the terminal block in the rear part of the module.