CIB modules 15.03.2020 16:43 15.03.2020 16:43

The controller designs by Obzor Zlín (Decene, Elegant, Variant) on the CIB bus are available in two versions:

The C-WS-0200R-Obzor with one fingerboard (2 push-buttons – up and down).

The C-WS-0400R-Obzor with two fingerboards (4 push-buttons – each fingerboard has a push-button up and down).


Both types of control units are equipped with an internal temperature sensor and have two universal inputs terminated on the terminal block (measuring temperature, binary inputs).

The module is fitted with LED indicators. Each fingerboard features a green LED; its control depends on the application required by the customer.


Fig. 1. The C-WS-0400R-Obzor control unit design (similarly also the C-WS-0200R-Obzor).



  1. The module consists of the fingerboards, a standard frame and the basic part with the electronics (in the figure left to right).

  2. The rear side of the module features a LED indicator (the module operation) and terminated wires from CIB and two universal inputs.

  3. The figure show a frame design Elegant (the interjacent frame is not indicated, as it fixes the frame to the basic part).