Measuring temperature 29.02.2020 11:03 29.02.2020 11:03

The flue gas temperature of the boiler and other applications in the field of high temperature measurement can be measured using temperature sensors equipped with a thermocouple sensor.

Thermocouples can be measured with the C-IT-0200I module (see the following example), 

or we can use the analog input module IT-1605 (peripheral module of the Foxtrot system on the TCL2 bus), 

or with a smaller requirement for accuracy (eg measuring the boiler flue gas temperature) we can use the analog inputs of the basic module CP-10x8.

Fig. 1 Example of C-IT-0200I module connection, connection by thermocouple temperature sensor


  1. We connect the thermocouple sensor directly to the terminals of the C-IT-0200I module with a compensation line. The cold end compensation of the thermocouple is solved by the module using an internal temperature sensor.