Measuring temperature 29.02.2020 09:40 29.02.2020 09:40

The temperature in the house technology (the heating source, the solar system, the swimming pool technology, etc.) can be measured in several ways.

A suitable sensor is selected according to the following features:

  • The medium measured and the mechanical mounting: air temperature (in the air duct) can be measured by sensors with a stem, water in the piping of a smaller diameter (central heating) is measured by contact sensors, for larger diameters the suitable sensors are those with an immersion sleeve.

  • The temperature ranges: we mostly measure temperature of water or air, so common types of sensors suffice, only flue gas measurement requires higher temperature ranges.

  • The connection: sensors with the CIB interface (a CFox peripheral module), or separate sensors fitted only with a scanning element (Pt1000, Ni1000, NTC), which are connected to the analogue input of the system.


Standard temperature measuring equipment fitted with sensors such as Pt1000, Ni1000, NTC and others can be used; they should be connected to the analogue inputs of CFox or RFox modules, or directly in the Foxtrot basic modules (e.g. the CP-1006 and CP-1008). The range of standard sensors can be found in the price list, and an overview of CFox modules suitable for measuring temperatures is listed in Table 10.1.


Using directly the sensors on the CIB bus is another option.

The C-IT-0100H-P variants: with the stem in the piping, with the immersion sleeve, the contact version on the piping and the outdoor version.

The C-IT-A-0100H-A variants: with the stem in the piping, with the immersion sleeve, and for a greater range of temperatures.

The R-IT-0100H-A battery temperature sensor, the design with the immersion sleeve, with the stem, etc.