Lighting, socket circuits 18.02.2020 20:20 18.02.2020 20:20

To control 230VAC lights, we have a specialized module C-LC-0202B, designed to control two lights and place them in an installation box near the light sources.

The module is equipped with two inputs, which are intended for connection of a push-button light control. In the event of a communication failure, the autonomous function of the module is ensured - control of outputs DO1, DO2 (lights) by buttons DI1 and DI2.

Fig. 1 Example of light source switching connection by module C-LC-0202B


The relay contacts have a short-term switching current of up to 80 A, so they can easily handle switching phenomena when closing and opening the contact

Two inputs DI1 and DI2 are intended for direct connection of light control buttons, in case of deep installation box (eg KOPOS KPR 68 or KPR 68 / L), or box with side space (eg KUH 1 or KUH 1 / L) we can fit module C-LC-0202B directly under the push-button controller.

In case of communication failure, the module automatically controls the outputs by one-button control of inputs DI1 and DI2 (when DI1 is switched on for the first time, output DO1 is switched on, when it is switched on for the second time, input DI2 controls output DO2 analogously)