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R-IT-0500S-A (order no .: TXN 132 26.A) is a module in a shrink tube designed for connection to the wireless network of the RFox2 RF system, which contains four binary inputs with one common conductor for connecting potential-free contacts and one analog input for connection of resistance temperature sensor NTC 640 12k for temperature measurement. The inputs are connected to a terminal block with pen terminals. Furthermore, the module contains a configuration jumper, which can be used to activate / deactivate the periodic sending of a packet (message) with the value of the measured temperature every 10 min. The module is powered by a button battery (whose low voltage level is included in the package) and its design is designed mainly for placement in the installation box and connection of four switches (buttons) with a common wire. Each time the binary input is energized (connected to a common wire), a message packet is sent. If the input excitation lasts longer than 400 ms, the packet transmission module repeats a total of one hundred times. Then the transmission ends even if the input is still energized. After transmission, the module switches to the reduced consumption mode, and if the periodic transmission of the measured temperature has been activated by the jumper, the waiting ten-minute interval begins.

Basic parameters


Connection - pen terminals

0,14–0,5 mm2

Communication interface


Type of device


Coverage – ČSN EN 60529:1993



20 g

Dimensions (width×height×depth)

max. 45 × 55 × 13 mm


Operating temperature range

–20 °C ÷ +55 °C

Storage temperature range

–25 °C ÷ +70 °C

Relative air humidity

10 %–95 %

without condensation

Atmospheric pressure

min. 70 kPa (<2000 m. n. m., )


Electrical parameters

Battery type

lithium CR2450, 3 V/620 mAh

Battery life

min. 3 years1)

Low battery voltage

≤2,8 V

Type of temperature sensor

NTC 640 12k

Resolution of the measured temperature value

0,1 °C

1) With a maximum of 20 packets within 24 hours


RF interface parameters of the module

are listed in the article Basic parameters of RFox2 modules

Fig.1 view of the R-IT-0500S module and its connection terminal block