Function blocks and Mosaic libraries 14.02.2020 12:08 14.02.2020 12:08

An option that is ready as part of the Mosaic 2016/1 installation is a library of new communication features that allow you to connect to Microsoft's Azure cloud. You can share and process your own data without having to run and maintain a database. Microsoft is investing in the continuous development of the functionality and reliability of its universal Azure cloud storage. Now also users of Tecomat Foxtrot systems, resp. Even theTC700 can take advantage of the platform's benefits, capabilities and features with the new AzureLib library. This is described in the documentation here.

Why write to the cloud,

when the Tecomat Foxtrot system has its own local data store? Even two! Fast Databox 0.5 MB and high-volume storage on SD card. These two repositories each have their primary purpose and benefits. But together with cloud storage, they now complement each other perfectly. Fast Databox captures data at each cycle turn without limiting the number of writes. SD card will hold up to 32GB, but after 100 thousand. entries becomes unusable. Another integrated Datalogger function combines the advantages of both repositories. It quickly overwrites the written data to the SD card once a day. The data in these local memories is always available to the Foxtrot system, it can also make decisions according to them, it can use them for subsequent control interventions. If you need to store more data, you don't have to store it only on the SD card, and if you are connected to the Internet with Foxtrot, a new communication function from AzureLib writes it regularly to the cloud. If the Internet connection fails and is re-established, this feature will remain intelligent. It combines the advantages of all three repositories, continuously stores data locally and, after reconnecting, the entire missing sequence. Foxtrot thus becomes a truly robust telemetry device usable for the most demanding and complex measuring and control tasks. The AzureLib library now also enables the storage of entire collections created by the already mentioned Datalogger function on the Azure cloud.  

Because Azure can be integrated into complex IT enterprise solutions, this new Foxtrot feature becomes a universal interface, say a connector, between any connected measurement sensor, actuator control, or command and level of database and IT applications.