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A miniature PIR motion sensor Vantage FL-MS MINI 360° can be used to control the lighting indoors.

The sensor is very small, with a detection range of 360 °, and it is typically installed on the ceiling of the room.


The PIR sensor Vantage has a TTL open collector output, so it can be easily connected to the inputs switched against signal ground, e.g. the DI1 to DI5 on the C-WG-0503S.

The PIR detectors usually use NC outputs, but always with a relatively long switching time (from 500 ms to a few seconds), so it is possible to connect them without any problems to the DI inputs DI of the CFox and RFox modules.

 Supply voltage

12 VDC


4.8 mA


TTL open connector

Detection range

6.4 m when the sensor is 2.4 m high

Assembly height

1.8 ÷ 3 m

Operating temperature

-20 ÷ +50 °C

External diameter of the detector

Ø 21 mm

Mounting hole

Ø19 mm

The detector height

25 mm



Fig. 1. Connecting the PIR detector FL-MS MINI to the C-WG-0503S module



  1. The detector cable length can be extended up to several meters, a min. diameter of wires in the cable is approx. 0.5 mm.

  2. If other PIR detectors are used, the DI input parameters must be observed (the min. and max. voltage or resistance).