Window blinds, shades 20.02.2020 18:14 20.02.2020 18:14

In order to integrate the ROTO roof windows control system, it is possible to use the RotoTronic E and RotoTronic EF units, which control the motors of the window. The unit should be connected to the Foxtrot system via standard relay outputs with identical connection as that of the blinds. Any switching relay contacts of the system can be used, or the specialized blinds outputs.

The following example shows the connection to the C-JC-0006M module; if the standard cable supplied with the ROTO unit is used, the example also lists the colours of the wires in the cable.

Fig. 1. The connection of the RotoTronic E (EF) module to the C-JC-0006M blinds module.



  1. There is available a 10 m long connecting cable for the ROTO control unit, which corresponds to the JY(St)Y 5x2x0.6 type.