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In order to control DC motors reversed by switching the polarity of supply voltage (motors for interior blinds, and such like), we recommend to use relay outputs with a switching contact, such as the C-OR-0202B.

Fig. 1. An example of wiring the control of DC motor for roller blinds by the C-OR-0202B module



  1. The power supply for motors and the necessary protection should be mounted in accordance with the specifications of the particular motor manufacturer.

  2. The external temperature sensor can be used for measuring the temperature in the room, or the input can be used for connecting a potential-free contact (a window contact, a push button, and such like).

  3. E.g. the Somfy LT 28 actuator connected in this way requires the supply voltage in the range of 20 to 27 VDC.

  4. The relay outputs of the C-OR-0008 module can also be connected in the same way, if it is required to fit the switching elements in the switchboard panel.