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The C-OR-0202B module is equipped with 2 relays with a switching contact, each is separately terminated with insulated conductors, their length is approx. 100mm. Continuous current in each 16 A output, switching inrush current up to 80A (maximum 20ms, it only applies to the NO1 switching contact, ) – see more detailed information about the relays used). The module is in a plastic box in the version for the flush box (built-in design).

The module is designed for switching the capacitive (electronic power supplies for LED lamps, switching power supplies, etc.) and inductive loads. The changeover contacts can be used for secure three-point control of e.g. blinds motors, actuators, etc. (Switching both outputs simultaneously is impossible).

The module is also equipped with two universal inputs. Each input can be configured for one of the ranges: The sensors Pt1000, Ni1000, NTC 12k, NTC generally up to 160 kΩ, the KTY81-121, a potential-free contact.

The module is powered directly from the CIB bus.

Fig. 1 The basic connection of the C-OR-0202B module



  1. The isolation voltage between the outputs and Internal circuits is 4,000 VAC.

  2. The isolation voltage among groups is 4,000 VAC.

  3. The isolation voltage between contacts is 1,000 VAC.

  4. Inductive load is dealt with (if necessary) by an external element: an RC member, a varistor, a diode (DC), see the Interference suppression, Chap. 13.7.3.

  5. The relay outputs are terminated by insulated wires (black) with a stranded core with the cross-section of 1.5mm2 (CYA 1.5), the length approx.100mm, terminated with a pressed-on sleeve without a collar.

  6. The CIB and both universal inputs are terminated on a fixed cage terminal block.