Lighting, socket circuits 19.02.2020 18:44 19.02.2020 18:44

The dimming module C-DM-0402M-RLC in DIN rail design can be used for dimming LV bulbs powered by wound or electronic transformers. Allows switching and dimming of RLC loads (resistive, inductive and capacitive loads) and dimmable compact LED sources and compact fluorescent lamps

Note: it is not allowed to connect inductive and capacitive loads to one output at the same time. It is also necessary to protect the input of L units with a fuse of characteristic F, which must be dimensioned according to the connected load. 

The C-DM-0402M-RLC dimmer also has 4 universal inputs that can be used for local control or for connecting eg temperature sensors (Ni1000, Pt1000). The wiring of the C-DM-0402M-RLC dimmer output and input circuits is shown in the following figure.

Fig. 1 Example of module connection C-DM-0402M-RLC