Lighting, socket circuits 19.02.2020 17:47 19.02.2020 17:47

For dimming classic light bulbs, 230 V halogen bulbs, 230 V LED bulbs, energy-saving fluorescent lamps (CFL), electronic and wound transformers for 12 V sources (halogen bulbs), we have a dimming module C-DM-0402M-RLC available in DIN rail design. 


The C-DM-0402M-RLC module enables switching and dimming of RLC loads (resistive, inductive and capacitive loads) and dimmable compact LED sources and compact fluorescent lamps.


It is not allowed to connect loads at the same time for the module. 

inductive and capacitive character per output. It is also necessary to protect the input of L units with a fuse of characteristic F, which must be dimensioned according to the connected load.

The C-DM-0402M-RLC module has 2 dimmable channels. 

Each channel can be loaded with a light bulb (several bulbs connected in parallel, applies only to resistive loads - conventional light bulbs) with a maximum wattage of 500 W – see this article.

Classic light bulbs can be dimmed to a full wattage of 500 VA. For larger outputs up to 2 kW, up to 4 channels can be connected in parallel, connection examples and other information are given in this article.

LED bulbs can be dimmed up to a total input of 250 VA, dimming of multiple LED bulbs connected in parallel is possible up to a maximum of 16 pieces, it is also necessary to take into account the technical parameters of the manufacturer (limiting the number of dimmable bulbs).

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) can be dimmed up to a total wattage of 250 VA

Winding transformers can be used up to a power input of 250 VA under the condition of a minimum continuous load of 80% of the rated power of the transformer.

The stated outputs apply to the 230 VAC network.When using a dimmer in a 110 VAC network (50 and 60 Hz), all outputs and wattages are only half!

The C-DM-0402M-RLC dimmer also has 4 universal inputs that can be used for local control or for connecting eg temperature sensors (Ni1000, Pt1000). For more information on the properties, principles of use and connection of the dimmer, see article C-DM-0402M-RLC.