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LEDs powered by nominal current are actually the manufactured LED chips (components), which provide the highest luminous efficacy and the best of them already surpass the efficiency of almost any other sources used in the interior (> 110 lm/W). Even their colour rendering and colour temperature can today fully replace the incandescent bulbs and other sources.


An example of a LED chip:

The power chip CREE XML on Al plate for fastening on the cooler, with max. power consumption 10 W (max. current 3 A), the luminous flux 1,000 lm (at 700 mA the luminous flux is 200 ÷ 300 lm), CRI up to 80.


LED power supplies, for which you can use dimmers with rated current, e.g. C-DM-0006M-ILED), are used more and more frequently.

Large portion of LED lights (e.g. large-area LED panels, ceiling and wall lights) include power LEDs connected to a system, which is powered by the so-called driver, which is usually a cheap source of nominal current with the primary (input) part for 230 VAC. The output parameters are usually given on the sources - e.g. the rated current at 1 A, the output voltage at 30-45 V.

This resource should be disconnected and replaced with an appropriate dimmable source or a dimmer - see the connection example in Chapter 6.4.3. Dimming LED ceiling panels with 1A current, the C-DM-0006M-ILED module.