Lighting, socket circuits 19.02.2020 18:53 19.02.2020 18:53

The most common is the control of socket circuits by relay outputs directly from the switchboard. The C-OR-0011M-800 module, for example, is suitable for standard socket circuits protected by a 16 A circuit breaker. The module is equipped with a relay with high-quality contacts with short-term current when switching up to 800 A, which allows switching all types of devices powered from sockets, which correspond to a 16 A fuse.

Fig. 1 Example of connection of module C-OR-0011M-800 for control of sockets


  1. There is only working isolation between outputs DO1 and DO2 (see description of module C-OR-0011M-800), so they must be powered from the same phase (L1), between outputs DO2 and DO3 there is insulation meeting safe separation of circuits and therefore we can outputs DO3 and DO4 powered from another phase (L2).
  2. The terminals used are designed for currents up to 16 A as well as the contact of the relays used.