Heat and flow measurement 29.02.2020 12:20 04.03.2020 17:46

To measure heat (produced or consumed) we use a flow meter, eg  TA-E/20 with a pulse output, which we connect to the pulse inputs of the C-AM-0600I, modules, or to the binary potential-free inputs of the basic module CP-10x8, CP-10x6. To measure the outlet and return temperature, we use two temperature sensors connected to the same modules or to any modules with a range according to the temperature sensor used. The calculation itself (instantaneous power, total energy supplied) is provided by the system using prepared function blocks.

Fig. 1 Example of connection of flow meter TA-E/20 for heat measurement to module C-AM-0600I


  1. The supply cable can be extended to approx. 20 m, preferably with a shielded cable, eg SYKFY 2x2x0,5 orJ-Y(St)Y1x2x0,6.
  2. If we connect the supply cable of the flow meter directly to the terminals of the C-AM-0600I module, we do not connect the shield. When extending the cable, connect the shield to the protective ground.

Fig. 2 Example of placement of elements for measuring heat consumed by CH