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For measuring the consumed energy (e.g. monitoring the consumption of the heat pump) or for sub-metering of generation (supply) and consumption of 1ph electrical energy, we recommend the ED 110 electricity meter (order number ED 110.D0.14E302) with direct measurement up to 32 A.

All data (for detailed information about the electricity meter, see further in this chapter) can be read from the meter by using the TXN 149 01 optical probe.

Metering only the consumed energy (e.g. by the monitoring of the heat pump consumption) can be done via the S0 output. Connecting the electricity meter with the S0 pulse output is primarily done by the C-AM-0600I modules. The SW function block enables you to obtain the total consumed energy and calculated instantaneous power input and current (assuming a 230 VAC constant voltage).

Fig. .1 An example of connecting the C-AM-0600I module and the ED 110.D0 electricity meter


The properties and parameters of the electricity meter ED 110

The ED 110.D0 electricity meter is a single-phase static double-tariff electricity meter for active energy in the class A or B in accordance with the ČSN EN 50470-1 and 50470-3 standards, designed for direct connection.

It does not have a galvanically isolated voltage and current circuit. The measuring system allows measurements even in the presence of DC and harmonic elements in the measured circuit (the voltage and current) over the measurement range of the meter. The negative effects of DC components are eliminated in each measuring period. The electricity meter measures and saves these basic values (and if necessary, displays them on the screen):

  • The consumption and supply for each of the two tariffs (i.e. 4 energy registers).

  • The reading time in each register of consumption and supply (i.e. 4 time registers).

  • Total sums registers for the total consumption time and total supply time.

  • Maximum current and maximum power.

  • Operating time, the number of network outages, time after resetting the maximum current and power.

  • Instantaneous effective voltage.

  • Instantaneous effective current

  • Instantaneous power

  • cos φ


Electricity meters have an optional optical infrared communication interface, in accordance with the ČSN EN 62056-21 standard.


Basic parameters of the electricity meter ED 110


direct two-wire

Own consumption (voltage circuits incl. power supply)

maximum 0.7 W, maximum 8 VA cap.

The current circuit internal consumption

maximum 0.05 VA

Inrush current Ist

less than 15 mA

Minimum current Imin

200 mA

Reference current Iref

5 A

Maximum current Imax

continuous 32 A

Maximum range of the measured current

15 mA ÷ 40 A

Nominal voltage Un

230 VAC

The operating voltage range

0.75 Un ÷ 1.15 Un

Pulse output S0

class A acc. to ČSN EN 62053-31


The number of pulses

programmable from 0.15 to 10,000 imp./1 kWh


Nominal supply voltage

24 VDC


Maximum supply voltage

30 VDC

Operating temperature range

-25 ÷ 55 °C

Maximum cross-section of the connected wire - a string

4 mm2

Maximum cross-section of the connected wire - a wire

4 mm2

Minimum cross-section of the connected wire

1 mm2

The terminal bolt head

4.7 mm combined groove

The torque of screw terminals

0.5 Nm

The module dimensions (width x height x depth)

53 x 90 x 58 mm (3M)