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The TXN 149 01 optical interface probe (also called an optical head) is designed to read data and to communicate with the electricity meter, the ripple control receiver and other devices. The probe converts optical signals into signals of the serial interface RS-232 (RxD and TxD). Its main purpose is to facilitate communication with electricity meters, ripple control receivers or other devices equipped with an optical interface in accordance with the EN 62056-21 standard. The probe contains a galvanically isolated optoelectronic transmitter and receiver.

The probe contains a built-in toroidal magnet, which facilitates its removable attachment on the surface of any device, and also allows its centring in the place of the optical interface. It is to be connected to the serial interface of the Foxtrot basic module via a cable terminated with separate wires.

The probe of the optical interface is to be connected to the screw terminals of the RS-232 interface of the Tecomat Foxtrot basic module. For more information about the Foxtrot communication channels, see the TXV 004 03.


Signals on the wires of the TXN 149 01 probe:

The colour of the wire











Fig. 1. An example of connection of the TXN 149 01 probe to the CP-10x6 (or CP-10x4, 10x5, 10x8)



  1. The connection cable length is about 140 cm, the colour-coded pins are terminated with sleeves.

  2. The probe requires a 24 VDC supply voltage, -15 % + 25 %, the power input about 0.15 W.

  3. Orientation of the toroidal magnet on the probe: the north should be on the side of the device to be connected.

  4. The probe height is 32 mm.