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For PC connection (programming, service) the central module is always equipped with one USB interface. The USB interface allows the connection of two cooperating devices, so it cannot be used for a network and is intended only for debugging, programming and service purposes. It must not be used for stable connection to a PC (eg for the purpose of visualization of controlled technology). 

The connector on the CPU complies with the USB specification, "B" device.

A standard USB A-B cable, max. 5 m long, twisted and shielded, can be used to connect the PLC to a PC. The recommended cable KB-0208 is supplied under order number TXN 102 08.


Tab. Technical parameters of the USB interface

Maximum baud rate


Maximum line length

Galvanic separation from PLC circuits

1,2 MBd


5 m 1)


1) The maximum length applies to twisted and shielded cable.