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The TC700 central units and communication units are equipped with asynchronous serial channels (CH1 to CH10), a USB interface (central units only) and an ETHERNET interface. Each serial channel and logical LCH data channel (One ETHERNET interface implements up to four LCHs) can be set to one of the communication modes (see chapter 3.3) and implement different networks and connections (see chapters 3.3.1 to 3.3.6). Any of the channels in PC mode (including the USB interface) can be used for PLC programming, but only one at a time!

3.10.1 Connection of CH1, CH2 and optional channels CH3 to CH10

The serial interface of the central unit (CH1 and CH2) and the optional interfaces on the SC-710x communication modules (CH3 to CH10, always in pairs per module) are equipped with removable screwless connectors. The view of the connector (with the standard working position of the PLC on the switchboard panel) is shown in Fig.


Fig. Connector A (upper), resp. B (lower) TC700 PLC serial interface.