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Solar Monitor Since November 2013,

the SolarMonitorLib library has been available, which significantly expands the possibilities of Foxtrots to integrate virtually any photovoltaic inverter from the most established manufacturers into an intelligent installation. It is another of the mosaic stones, from which hybrid, ie peninsular energy or autonomous, ie island energy of a family house can be assembled and automated. The library can be downloaded here.

Loga výrobcůIt is a communication with a specialized basic module SolarMonitor from the company of the same name SolarMonitor s.r.o.

We added these modules to our company's offer and included them in the price list.The library contains a function block, which can be used to set basic parameters and add it to the user program. As this is an above-standard function, the TXF 689 13 - AP SolarMonitor application profile must be installed for this function block to run continuously.

An overview of the manufacturers of PV inverters with which Foxtrot communicates via the SolarMonitor module is as follows:

  1. AEG -PowerSolutions
  2. Carlo Gavazzi
  3. Danfoss
  4. Delta
  5. Diehl
  6. Fronius
  7. Kaco
  8. Kostal
  9. Mastervolt
  10. Morningstar
  11. Omron
  12. Pairan
  13. Power One
  14. Riello
  15. Electronica Santerno
  16. Schneider Electric
  17. IBC Solar
  18. Siemens
  19. Siliken
  20. SMA
  21. SolarMax
  22. Studer
  23. Sungrow
  24. Sunville
  25. Vacon
  26. Xantrex
  27. Context
  28. SolRefu

Tecomat communication with the SolarMonitor device does not limit its basic functions, namely monitoring of solar power plants.

  • Home power plant monitoring. Current production, information on outages and invoicing in your browser.
  • Complete solution for active and reactive power management according to valid legislation. We can do it with your inverters too!
  • Data from your power plant on the web portal. Solutions for individual PV plants, but also for dispatching supervision for several PV plants in one place.
  • Attractive display of data from your power plant on the LCD panel in the lobbies of companies, schools or offices, but also for industrial environments.

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