RFox2 modules 13.07.2020 09:41 13.07.2020 09:41

R-SL-0201L is a peripheral module designed, for example, for remote control of a street lamp in the RF network of the RFox2 system.

The module contains 1x relay output for switching the lamp power supply, PWM output for brightness control, internal current measurement to the lamp and 2x AI / DI input.

An example of connecting a module with an LED driver is given in this article.


Tab.1 Basic parameters of the module

Power supply voltage

230 V AC 

Internal security


Typical power consumption

2,8 W

Maximum power consumption

4,6 W

Degree of IP Protection - ČSN EN 60529:1993 

(idt IEC 529:1989)



38 g 


35 × 92 × 40 mm