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The R-IS-0201M-A module is designed primarily for continuous power control of el. heating, eg for continuous power control of the electric cartridge in the DHW storage tank. The module is equipped with one active PWM output, eg for SSR control for control of DHW heating (controlled consumption of excess PV production), at the same time it is equipped with one analog output for SSR control typically equipped with phase power control. 

The module is also equipped with two analog inputs, typically for measuring the temperature in the storage tank for better temperature control and the ability to make better use of PV production.


Electrical parameters
Power voltage  90 – 270 VAC
Internal security  Yes - irreversible
Max. power consumption 2,0 VA
Galvanic isolation of the power supply circuit 


(A1-A3) from other inputs (B1-B3), outputs (C1-C3) and RF connector



 3000 VAC

Analog inputs AI1, AI2  
Number 2
Sensor type Pt 1000 Tk = 3850 ppm / °C
Temperature range -10 up to 130 °C
Analog output AO1  
Number 1
Output voltage range 0 up to 10,0 V
Output load max 10 mA
Output PWM1  
Number 1
Output type High side
Output level 24 V ±5 %
Output load max 20 mA
Frequency 1 Hz – 1 kHz
Duty cycle 0 – 100 %



Radio interface parameters
Frequency band 868,1 MHz
Maximum performance +14 dBm
Input sensitivity -108 dBm
Communication speed / modulation type 50 kbps / 2-GFSK



Product standard ČSN EN 60730-1 ed2:2001
Electrical object protection class –


ČSN EN 61140:2003 

(idt IEC 61140:2001)

Connection Screw terminals, tightening torque 


max. 0,5 Nm / Screw terminals, tightening torque 0,5 Nm max.

max. 2,5 mm2

Communication interface RFox2
Type of device DIN rail module
Protection- ČSN EN 60529:1993 


(idt IEC 529:1989)

Weight 75 g 
Dimensions 1M  = 18x95x58 mm



Fig. 1st connection example of the R-IS-0201M-A module for SSR control