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The OT-7652 analog output module has 8 analog outputs. Each output is realized a current (passive) and voltage output, which at the same time are led out to the module connector The module is galvanically isolated (all inputs together) from the other PLC circuits. Each output is can be set-up independently of the other ones.


Figure OT-7652 module connector


  • The module is fitted with one 20-pin connector. The user can make a choice of several connector types based on the way of conductor connection (TXN 102 3x). Detailed parameters are listed in chapter 11.1.

  • The voltage and current outputs of each channel are brought to individual terminals (e.g. UO1 and IO1 are the voltage and current output of one channel - channel no. 1).

  • The terminals with the same identification (AGND) are interconnected inside the system (multiple lead-out of the same signal).


General principles for sensor connection are described in chapter 5.2. At the same time, also principles of installation described in chapter 5.3 apply for the TC700 analog modules.


The voltage outputs can be loaded by a maximum current of 10 mA (each output).


The current outputs are fed by an external power supply source (type 24 VDC, max. 35 VDC). The connection of the current output is shown in example 1.




Example 1 The following signals are connected to the OT-7652 module:

  • 1 drive with 0÷10V control

- 1 output 4÷20 mA


Figure Connection of OT-7652 module according to example 1




  1. For long distances or environments with a high level of interference, a shielded supply lead should be used (JYTY, etc.), shielding of which will be connected according to general principles (see chapter 4.2.5).

  2. The current outputs are fed from an external DC source, typically 24 VDC, maximum 35 VDC (recommended types of power supply sources are PS25/24 or PS50/24 according to the number of the lines being fed.

  3. With respect to interference transmission, it is not suitable to use the power supply source for loop feeding also for the other circuits than the analog ones in the technology.