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The OR-7451 binary output module has 16 relay outputs, max. 2 A. The outputs are arranged in groups of 4 and they are galvanically isolated from each other. The module is galvanically isolated from the other PLC circuits.


Figure OR-7451 module connector

  • The module is fitted with a 20-pin connector. The user has a possibility to make a choice from several connector types according to the way of conductor connections (TXN 102 3x).

  • Individual output groups are isolated only by operational insulation (it is not possible to switch for example the 230 VAC circuits by one group and the SELV 24 V circuits by a second group).

  • The output of the switched DC load is limited by the load curve given in chapter 7.4.1.

  • The electric lifetime of the contacts of the relays used is specified in chapter 7.4.4.

  • The individual outputs can be loaded by a continuous current of up to 3 A.

  • The short-term current (switching effects) can be up to 6 A.

  • The minimum switched current (ensuring trouble-free relay operation) is 100 mA.