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The C-DM-0002S-SL module is intended for the control of addressable LEDs, which can be used either directly in the form of a classic strip or various assemblies of these LEDs (mechanical arrangement in a matrix, etc.).

In total, one module can control up to 500 LEDs connected in one row. The LED strip can be powered either from an external source or directly from the 5 V output of the module (maximum current 1 A).

Tab. 1  Basic parameters C-DM-0002S-SL

 LED Power supply (output 5V)

Number 1
Output voltage 5 V DC ± 10%
Output current max. 1 A

Power and communication

Power and communication 24 V (27 V) from CIB bus
Maximal consumption 15 mA

Operating and installation conditions

Working temperature -10 ÷ +55 °C
Storage temperature -25 ÷ +70 °C
Degree of IP protection IEC 529 unprotected
Working position any
Type of operation permanent
Connection spring terminal block,


conductor max. 0.5mm2



The DATA output structure is used to control the individual LEDs.

Tab. 2  List of commands


After sending the new data, they are processed by the module and as a confirmation of receipt, the value of the received command is copied to the input zone in the ACK parameter. In order to detect the successful receipt of a recurring order, it is divided into 2 parts:

- bit0-4 command (viz table 2)

- bit5-7 counter, when it is incremented, individual commands can be recognized


Selected color (value 0 – 55) based on the palette Fig. 1.


Reset all 


Colored all


Color map

LED settings in separate colors. The transmission of control data must be divided into "pages" and gradually sent to the module.






Automatic animation generating a transition between 2 colors or a "traveling one". Meaning of parameters:

- period period between individual steps (in 10ms)

- steps number of animation steps

- mode  – 0 color transition, 1 "traveling one" forward, 2 "traveling one" backward



Reset animation

Resetting the animation. When the index value is 0 - 4, a specific animation is reset, another value resets all active animations.


Stop animation

Stop animation. When the index value is 0 - 4, a specific animation is stopped, another value stops all active animations.

Fig. 1  Color map




Fig. 2  Module configuration


The maximum number of LEDs is 500.


Structure of transmitted data

Fig. 3  Structure of transmitted data


Input data




ACK -  acknowledge (byte)


Output data




DATA - data for LED (array[0...31] of byte)