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For efficient and accurate measurement of a large number of outlets with regard to easy installation, for secondary measurement of electrical energy of three-phase and single-phase outlets, the set of modules described below is available. It consists of a voltage measuring module EMU 3 and current measuring modules EMI 12. The individual modules are connected by a bus, which is the backbone of the entire multi-channel measuring system. It ensures the synchronization of measurements of individual modules and the transmission of measured values towards the control system. It allows high modularity and easy scalability of the system.In the maximum configuration, the system consisting of EMU 3 and five EMI 12 units is able to measure up to 20 three-phase terminals (up to 60 currents). Not only voltages, currents and energies are measured, but also powers (kW, kvar, kVA), total harmonic distortion of voltages and currents or harmonic voltages up to the 50th order.

System components


Voltage measuring module designed for connection to one to five EMI 12 modules via a bus for measuring 4 to 20 terminals. All measured data is provided via RS485 of the ENVIS software or any other application via Modbus.

EMI 12

Expansion module for current measurement for EMU 3 and BCPM 233.012. It has 4 RJ12 connectors for measuring four three-phase terminals.

J3CT Transformers
Combined three-phase plug-in transformers enabling easy installation and measurement of three-phase terminals.

JC Transformers
Compact single-phase snap-on transformers suitable for easy installation in existing distribution systems.