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The MR-0122 submodule ensures the conversion of TTL signals of the serial interface to the galvanically separated RS422 interface. The interface allows the connection of two cooperating devices (point-to-point). In justified cases (eg connection of ID-0x series panels - see chapter 3.4.5) it is possible to connect the control of transmitting and receiving amplifiers using soldering connection points (see documentation) and use this interface in a monomaster bus arrangement.

Each individual line (RxD and TxD) must be terminated at the end of the line with terminating resistors.

Tab. Technical parameters of piggyback MR-0122

Maximum baud rate


Maximum line length

Output level (difference levels)

Internal power supply

External power supply



TTL / RS insulation voltage

500 kBd


1200 m *

max. ±6 V

5 V / max. 30 mA

5 V / max. 100 mA


100 mV

2 kV

  • The maximum baud rate may not be reached at the maximum line length.


Tab. Connection of connector A of the serial channel when the submodule MR-0122 is fitted (applies also to connector B)

Connector A (B) Clamp Signal Signal type Use

A1 +5V Power output +5V  
A2 CTS– input control signal 1)
A3 RxD– input data signal
A4 RTS– output control signal 1)
A5 TxD– output data signal
A6 GND signal ground  
A7 CTS+ input control signal 1)
A8 RxD+ input data signal
A9 RTS+ output control signal 1)
A10 TxD+ output data signal

1) The use of the signal is described in the manual Serial communication of Tecomat TXV 001 06 programmable controllers. The idle level of the signal corresponds to the value logic 1.