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The MR-0102 submodule converts TTL signals from the serial interface to the RS232 interface, including galvanic isolation. This interface is only intended for connecting two participants (point-to-point connection). It is suitable, for example, for connecting TECOMAT PLCs and PCs over short distances (up to 15 m). The connection to the PC is made with a cable KB-0209 (order no. TXN 102 09), terminated on the PC side with a 9-pin Dsub socket.


Tab. Connection of the serial channel connector when the MR-0102 submodule is fitted

Connector A (B) Outlet Signal Signal type Use

A2  (B2) RTS output control signal 1)
A3  (B3) CTS output control signal 1)
A4  (B4) RxD input data signal
A5  (B5) TxD output data signal
A6  (B6) GND signal ground  
A9  (B9) DTR output control signal 1)

1) The use of the signal is described in the manual Serial communication of Tecomat TXV 001 06 programmable controllers. The idle level of the signal corresponds to the value logic 1.