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The IR-7551 module is designed for scanning of up to 8 binary signals 24 VDC / AC with common pole (according to way of connection minus, plus or alternating power supply), type 3. Moreover, the module is fitted with 8 relay outputs with switching contacts. The module is fitted with a connector allowing the customer to make a choice from several counter-parts versions, which the customer chooses and orders separately (order numbers TXN 102 3x). The module is fitted with four identical connectors. Further information on the interconnection with external modules can be found in chapter 11.3.


Figure IR-7551 module connector

  • The module is fitted with a 20-pin connector. The user has a possibility to make a choice from several connector types according to the way of conductor connections (TXN 102 3x).

  • Individual output groups (always 4 outputs) are isolated only by operational insulation (it is not possible to switch for example the 230 VAC circuits by one group and the SELV 24 V circuits by a second group).

  • The inputs and outputs are isolated at the level of safe circuit isolation.

  • The output of the switched DC load is limited by the load curve given in chapter 7.4.1

  • The electric lifetime of the contacts of the relays used is specified in chapter 7.4.4.

  • The individual outputs can be loaded by a continuous current of up to 3 A (it must not exceed the max. current of the common pole of the group 10 A)

  • The short-term current (switching effects) can be up to 6 A.

  • The minimum switched current (ensuring trouble-free relay operation) is 100 mA.



COMx Common pole of group of inputs or outputs

DOx Output terminals of output x

DIx Input terminal of input x