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The IC-1701 expansion module contains 8 fast binary inputs with adjustable decision level and 4 fast transistor outputs usable as PWM outputs or for controlling up to 2 stepper motor drivers. All inputs and outputs as well as individual groups are galvanically separated from each other by the input voltage and TCL2 communication, and the status of each input is signaled on the module panel. The module is equipped with removable screw connectors.


Power supply 


Supply voltage

24 V DC ± 15% external power supply 

Internal protection

PTC return fuse

Maximum consumption

85 mA

Galvanic separation from internal circuits


Parameters of binary inputs

Number of inputs


Number of entries in the group


Galvanic separation from internal circuits Yes, even between groups
Insulation voltage

500 V

Diagnostics Signaling of excited input on the panel
Common group driver


External power supply (VDI)

5 – 30 V DC

Input voltage for log. 0 (UL)

Max. 0,25 x VDI

Input voltage for log. 1 (UH)

Min. 0,6 x VDI

Input current at log. 1

5 mA at 24 V

Switch-on / switch-off delay

2 μs

Min. pulse width

5 μs

Parameters of transistor outputs

Number of outputs


Number of outputs in the group


Type of outputs Solid state output, half bridge (push-pull)
Galvanic separation from internal circuits


Switching voltage

10 – 32 V DC

Switching current

   at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C

 at an ambient temperature of 50 ° C

Each output continuously 2.7 A, pulse 4A



Residual current (blocked outputs)

max. 2 mA

Output resistance

typ. 0,3 Ω

max. 0,6 Ω

On / off time

Typ. 1,6 / 0,6 μs

Short circuit protection


Insulation voltage

   between outputs and internal circuits

   between groups of inputs and outputs


500 V DC

500 V DC


Fig. 1 Example of IC-1701 module connection