Foxtrot basic modules 27.07.2020 11:18 27.07.2020 11:18

The basic Foxtrot 2 modules, in addition to the smallest CP-2090, are also available with an internal LTE modem. 

The designation of the control panel is then eg CP-2005.11NSLN (TXN 120 05-11NSLN), where the letter L means LTE - see the table Designation of variants of basic modules TECOMAT FOXTROT CP-2005.

The internal LTE modem enables both wireless connection to the Internet and sending and receiving SMS messages.

If the basic module contains an LTE module and a SIM card, it is connected to the Internet after its setting on the system pages http: //foxtrot.local: 8080.

Network communication is solved in the ST language via the LTE interface.

Receiving and sending SMS messages is handled by a function block from GSMLib.

A nano SIM card can be installed. We supply TELE2 SIM cards, the advantage of which is that they are not tied to a specific operator, the supplier of these SIMs has concluded rouming agreements in most countries, so the SIM can be used directly for installations in various countries thus, systems equipped in this way have a higher signal coverage.