Function blocks and Mosaic libraries 14.02.2020 17:33 14.02.2020 17:33

With the development of electromobility, more support for charging infrastructure is also required. Thanks to the C-EV-0302M module, connected to the CIB bus, it is possible to control and integrate the charging of electric vehicles up to 22 kW / 32 A from Foxtrot systems. Once connected, the module communicates with the car charger. The states of the charger in the mobile phone can therefore be read in the module structure. For easier operation of the HW module, we have prepared in cooperation with the company Axomer s.r.o. charging function block to the Mosaic program, which is part of the EVcharger_lib library.

Thanks to the function block, it is possible to start using the C-EV-0302M module immediately after compiling the program and uploading it to the control panel. Charging starts, if required by the car, after connecting the charging connector. The default charging current is preset to 16 A (11kW) by default, but can be changed or increased depending on the installation. To change the charging current during operation, ie to add or subtract the value of the charging current, the value can be changed with the inputs Up or Dw. The block displays information about the charging status with the value of the output State 0 to 5 and the text interpretation StateTxt.

The function block complements the C-EV-0302M module and thus creates its own charging station for electric vehicles in your installations with the Foxtrot system for easy solution.