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The IB-0403 module is intended for connection of up to 16 binary 230 V AC signals with a common terminal from the controlled technology and their transfer to the control system module (eg connection to modules IB-7310, IB-7311, and IS-7510 of the TC700 system). The module is equipped with a terminal block with spring contacts, each input is protected against overvoltage by a transil and the status of the input is indicated by an LED diode.


The module is equipped with fixed terminal blocks with spring contacts and a removable R connector for connecting the control system (in the case of using a shielded connection cable to the control system, the shield terminal is connected to the SHIELD faston connector). The connection of the connector is shown in Fig.


The module itself does not draw any current from the 24 V DC supply. The power consumption is determined by the input current of the connected input module of the control system (eg the power consumption of the input circuits of the connected IB-7311 module is max. 1.5 W for one connected IB-0403 module (16 inputs)). For the given example ½ IB-7311 + IB-0403, the power consumption from the 24 V DC source is a total of 3.5 W.

Fig. Connection of the IB-0403 module connector


COMx common terminal of input circuits 

DIx input terminal x

+ 24 V positive terminal for connecting the power supply of the internal circuits of the connected control system module (eg IB-7311)

0 V negative terminal for connecting the power supply of internal circuits

connected control system module (eg IB-7311)

terminal for connection to the main protective ground of the switchboard (conductor with a cross-section of at least 2.5 mm2). Required for the module surge protection function.



Fig. Example of IB-0403 module connection