TC800 frames, power supplies and cables 09.08.2022 14:07 09.08.2022 14:07

System bus in variants RM-8940 ÷ RM-8944

is mounted on a DIN rail with a TS35 depth of 7.5 mm. The DIN rail is not a standard part of the delivery of the TC800 and is decided by the customer according to the mechanical design and construction of the switchboard or cabinet where the TC800 is installed. The use of a DIN rail with a depth of 15 mm is not possible for these bus variants.


The DIN rail according to ČSN EN 60715 with a width of 35 mm and a depth of 7.5 mm (see Fig. 1) is prescribed for use with the system bus ("frame") in variants RM-8940 ÷ RM-8944. The system bus snaps into this DIN rail and thus the foundation of the TC800 system is ready to complete the entire control system assembly.

Fig. 1 TS35 DIN rail with prescribed dimensions according to ČSN EN 60715 intended for RM-8940 ÷ RM-8944 (more info e.g. on Wikipedia)


Cover of the unoccupied part of the bus

To cover the unoccupied part of the TC800 bus (covering the freely accessible electrical part of the bus), a cover is available, which are supplied in a combined set of 8 pieces with a cover width of 10 mm, see Fig. 2. The required number of covers is broken off and snapped onto the DIN rail with the bus TC800. Ord. Kit No. is BS-C028.


Fig. 2 set of 8 covers for the unoccupied part of the TC800 bus