TC800 binary modules 05.05.2022 10:50 05.05.2022 10:50

The OR-8450 module is equipped with 12 relay outputs with switching contacts. The module is equipped with a screwless removable connector with locking after insertion into the module. The individual outputs can be loaded with a constant current of up to 3 A (the maximum current of the common terminal of group 10 A must not be exceeded)

Short-term current (switching phenomena) can be up to 6 A

The minimum switching current (guaranteeing faultless relay function) is 100 mA

Fig. 1 Module connector connection


  1. COMx common terminal of the output group

  2. DOx output terminal x

  3. output groups (always 3 outputs) DO0-DO2 and DO3-DO5 are separated only by working isolation (it is not possible to switch one group eg 230 VAC circuits and the other group SELV 24 V circuits). The same applies to groups DO6-DO8 and DO9-DO11.

  4. The power of the switched DC load is limited by the load curve.

  5. The electrical life of the contacts of the relays used is given in the detailed documentation of the module.