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When using the card system Assa Abloy (even offline, without a direct link to the control system), it is possible to use the wall-mounted module VingCard Energy Control Unit as a card holder to control energy.The module contains an RFID reader, which can recognize the right card and energizes two relay outputs, which connect the electrical circuits in the room in a standard installation. In the case of intelligent control the module activates the system input, which consequently activates the appropriate systems in the room.


The module is powered from the 230 VAC grid, it is fitted with two relay outputs. The first output (RELAY 1) switches the 230 V phase directly on the output terminal. The second output is potential free, but the mechanical design does not secure safe isolation of the contact from the 230 V power supply, which means that it must not be connected directly to the common DI of the Foxtrot system.Direct connection is possible only to the 230 V inputs (only in some basic modules). A conversion relay must be used, which secures safe isolation of the module circuit from the DI of the Foxtrot system.


Fig. 1. An example of connecting the VingCard Energy Control Unit to the Foxtrot system inputs



  1. Use any relay with a coil for 230 VAC, insulated contact/coil min. 3000 VAC and the smallest possible allowed current in the contact (relays with the minimum current 100 mA are not suitable for this purpose).

  2. Scanning the RFID card holder state can be done by any DI of the Foxtrot system.

  3. The 230 VAC inputs (e.g. the CP-1000) can be used directly, without a conversion relay, the 230 V input of the CP-1000 module can be connected directly instead of the relay coil.