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The SMS modem UC-1205 is placed in a 1M box (the size of a single-phase circuit breaker), so it can be fitted next to the basic module in a common plastic distribution cabinet, or, if it is stand-alone, it can be put in a conventional plastic box designed for e.g. secondary protection (1M, 3M boxes).

On the front part, the modem is fitted with a pull-out drawer for standard SIM cards (pressing a button beneath the SIM will eject the drawer) and a standard SMA connector for antenna connection.

Fig. 1. An example of connecting the SMS modem UC-1205 to the Foxtrot basic module CP-1004



  1. The UC-1205 SMS modem is in terms of communication a standard modem device, so the RxD terminal of the modem is an output and should be connected to the RxD terminal of the Foxtrot basic module communication interface.

    Similarly, the modem TxD terminal should be connected with the TxD terminal of the Foxtrot basic module. At the same time it is necessary to connect the modem and Foxtrot module GND signals.

  2. The modem is usually powered from the same source as the Foxtrot system, but it can also be powered from a separate 24 VDC source.

  3. The modem connection cable can be extended up to approx. 15 meters (for a better mobile network signal); a shielded cable with minimum cross section of 0.15 mm2 must be used.