Controllers, displays 27.02.2020 18:17 27.02.2020 18:17

The C-RI-0401R-design module contains a receiver and a transmitter of IR signal. They are intended for scanning and generating signals from the controllers used for controlling various types of devices, such as air conditioning units. The captured IR signal from the controller can be saved in the module, and then reproduced again.

The module is also by default equipped with a standard lighting and interior temperature sensor. The following figure shows the mechanical design - the cover with sensors and built-in electronics, the standard frame and its lower part, which is mounted on a common installation box; the frame with electronics is clipped on, with the cable that goes through it to the second part of the module - the part with the bus (it is available separately, such as the C-RI-0401S).

The module is available in several designs; those based on the customer's special requirements are on demand.


Fig. 1. The assembly of the design part of the C-RI-0401R-Time module