Controllers, displays 27.02.2020 13:17 27.02.2020 13:17

Hotels, boarding houses and similar facilities can use the C-RC-0005R hotel controller. The module is equipped with several capacitive push-buttons (see the Fig.) and an OLED display. The buttons allow you to easily and intuitively change the required room temperature, the ventilation or air conditioning parameters, as well as allow local setting of alarms and “Do not disturb” and well as “Clean up the room” notices on the external side of the door (provided the facility allows this).

It will be possible to supply the module with customized glass, variable basic colour of the module, inscriptions, logos, etc.

The module measures the room temperature and humidity, and is also equipped with two inputs AI/DI1 and AI/DI2 for connecting additional temperature sensors, window contacts, etc.

The module is placed in a plastic box with a glass front surface, which is pushed onto the bracket bolted to the rectangular installation box (a standard flush-mounted installation box or a hollow-wall box); for more details se article about C-RC-0005R module.



Fig. 1. A basic example of connecting the C-IR-0005R module.