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Regarding contact-free identification, such as opening doors, identification of workers in the workplace, etc., we can offer a RFID reader C-WG-0503R-design, which is available in various designs, e.g. ABB Time, Logus, Unica, Gira, Niko, Legrand and others. Please send us a query if you require a design which is not quoted in the price list.


The module consists of two parts connected with a cable.

The first part (the RFID module) is the mechanical component of the specific design, with a fitted RFID reader (an antenna), two LED indicators, an optional temperature sensor (fitted option agreement), and buzzer. Both LEDs and the temperature sensor are visible on the face of the mechanical part.

The RFID sensor is compatible with the EM4100 (125 kHz) standard.


The second part (the WG-C-0503S) represents the module electronics in the built-in design; in addition to the interconnection with the first part, it has a terminated CIB bus with one or two analogue inputs available (depending on whether the temperature sensor in the first part is fitted).


Both modules are supplied connected with about 100 mm long free wires, assuming an installation in a standard flush box. If it is requested that the RFID reader and the module electronics should be separated (e.g. for safety reasons, with the RFID module in front of the door, and the electronics and the CIB being inside behind the door), the supplied wires can be longer. An illustration of how to connect both parts as well as additional is presented information, see Fig. 2.


Fig. 1. A view of the C-WG-0503R-design module, the Logus design


  1. The module in the figure is also fitted with a temperature sensor.


Fig. 2. Connecting both parts of the C-WG-0503R-design module.



  1. By default, both parts are connected with separate wires (the length about 100 mm). The connection can be extended up to about 1m; the diameter of wires in the cable should be at least 0.5 mm.

  2. The free inputs AI/DI5 and AI/DI4 (if the RFID module is not fitted with an internal temperature sensor, the AI/DI4 is also available) can be used e.g. for connecting temperature sensors or a PIR detector, etc. The detectors can be powered from the +12 V output of the C-WG-0503S module; a maximum of 25mA is available (a maximum consumption of the powered detectors).

  3. The reading range is up to 8 cm (typically 4 ÷ 6 cm) and depends on the mechanical construction of the sensor and the type of scanned identifier.