Lighting, socket circuits 18.02.2020 20:33 18.02.2020 20:33

The dimmer C-DM-0006M-ULED can also dim low voltage dimmable reflector sources, e.g. LED SUPERSTAR MR16 12 V advanced.

These LED sources are connected in the same way as LED strips and similar sources. However, some sources cannot be connected in parallel to one output, which means that only one LED source can always be connected to one module output, which also applies to the LED used in the following example.

The LED SUPERSTAR MR16 12 V advanced 35 24° ADV 5 W/830 GU5.3 used in the example manufactured by OSRAM) can dim from about 5 % to 100 %.


Fig. 1. An example of wiring the dimmer C-DM-0006M-ULED, dimming of spot LED lights.


  1. N.B.: only one LED source mentioned in the example can be connected to one output of the module (if several LED sources are connected in parallel, they flicker and do not behave correctly). If several LED sources should be used, their parallel connection to one module output must first be tested.

  2. The C-DM-0006M-ULED module is not fitted with short-circuit protection of outputs!