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The ceiling heating and cooling is a very efficient way of heating and cooling rooms. As this is a radiating heat source, the heat transfer to the floor and objects and temperature distribution in the room is not very different from that of the floor heating. It is a low temperature system with the heating water temperature between 28 and 35 °C; compared with the underfloor heating it has an advantage of faster rise in temperature.

Using the system for cooling offers a very comfortable and draft-free cooling of the rooms. For effective cooling it is necessary to watch the relative humidity of the ceiling so as to avoid condensation.

The temperature of cooling water is about 16 to 19 °C.

The ceiling systems, often referred to as capillary, are controlled in the same way as the underfloor heating; an example of manifold connection is given in this article.

Monitoring relative humidity (the dew point) of the ceiling is specified in this article.

Maximum temperature of the heating water is determined by the technical specifications of the system (the technological limitations - material properties of the distribution system, etc.); usually it is around 40 °C.