RS-485, RS-232 and others 19.03.2020 07:39 19.03.2020 07:41

The CP-1000 basic module (similarly to other Foxtrot basic modules, e.g. CP-1006) is always fitted with the RS-232 communication interface terminated on the CH1 channel; there is also an option to fit replaceable submodules to the channel CH2, where a number of other interfaces can be implemented, including up to 3x RS-485, etc. (channels CH2 to CH4). For detailed information on possible interfaces, suitable submodules and examples of wiring, see in the documentation.

Basic information on the RS-485 interface, including the recommended cables, is given in the following chapter.

Information on the RS-485 interface surge protection is given in Chapter 13.5.


Some special interfaces or devices connected to serial communication channels are described in this documentation, e.g.:

Connecting measuring instruments with an MBus interface

The DMX interface for lighting control

Connecting electricity meters with the RS-485 communication interface